Topic3 : Exhausting women of the house


Once a girl under her parent control, overall prepared for the foreseeing future to be wedded and living happily ever after. 

Once engaged came to know some signs that were sort of red flags and then did that biggest mistake of thinking it will change once the marriage happens. After marriage, over interfering Father-in-law could not see his only beloved close son of all the three he had to also leave him alone in his remaining life, started to tear apart the newly wed family, to add to the situation the newly married were expecting the child, all the possible trauma's (mental only) were given to the expecting mother, like why is the girl still attached to her family, and why does the father of the girl planning a visit to US before the delivery of the child, and who's going to pay for the food for the brother tagging along with the old mother coming to take care of the expecting mother and the child???


All sorts of mental trauma she had to go through to bring the girl child to the world! All hoping that the child will grow up and would try to understand, fast forward 14 years later now the baby girl is turning 13, and the couple is again fighting, since the husband is highly immature and non-understanding in nature. Every time it is the women of the house that is supposed to collect all the pieces and fix thing around, cause both the husband and the teen child know only to latch themselves on to the Women/Mother in the house for everything. Where is the TV remote, the technician needs it, oh, the birthday party is coming and the house needs t be cleaned up, wait for the Women/Mother in the house to do it, if she asks for help then and only then we will help. It's becoming like I have two big human being I have to drag everywhere around as they pretend, they cannot exist without Me!!

Well, the husband can surely talk mice to the people he knows have control over his money flow like his boss and other senior people who have authority over his state, but never talks sweet or appreciates the wife genuinely, just comes up with no effort gestures and shows as if he is too unwilling to put in effort, same things have to be told a thousand times and then also it does not makes sense to them both. The teen i can understand as it's a child, but what example is the father giving her, to be utterly effortless in doing things or even thinking of the family structure.


All this will fall in place one day and hence comes the over exhaustion of the women of the house who feels that she should run away from these two for long term! Maybe she will find mental peace, one day, someday!!!


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