Mental Health

This is one of my early days of coming to terms with the fact that the US is not at all like India (Culturally) When people say its a cultural shock, only those who have gone through it will understand, it's like giving birth to a child, which is an experience no one can do it virtually, only those Braveheart that has gone through it know what's it like. 


That being said, once I was in the US recently married and also in my starting journey of being someone's wife, it made me feel that everything is being thrown at me at once, and I had to figure out to either juggle it or let it all fall. Now, for those who are not much aware of the Indian culture, it's very normal to meddle in other people's business and above all also give them advice to further down their morale, especially if they are going through a tough time. For example, if I am an obese person who was a skinny kid in their childhood, God forbid come across a family friend in a mall in India after ages, the first thing the so-called family friend would say to you is "Oh My God, you've become so fat, you used to be so skinny back then! what happened?" Well for some of us, it's Life that happens, maybe not for you dear Family Friend! That was my childhood you are remembering and right now I'm a grown adult and a mother, life is happening, what did you expect?


Anyways this is one incident that makes me feel I'm thankful I'm not in India, away from such irritating strikes in a public place, on the other hand when I'm here in the US and come across someone that might be familiar. All I get is a confused facial expression as if they are checking out if I am smiling at them or not if not, they can substitute the facial expression as cleaning their teeth with the tongue! so what is it? do you know me or not, if you even do know me, all I get from such friends is a distant fake smile and the notion that they are busy with something very important, to avoid the meeting. Sometimes people are genuinely busy, I get it! but my say is how long does it take to say "Hey there, What's up? Good to see you!", and slightly catch up with whatever and go by our way?

See, no one got hurt!

The reason I'm comparing the two incidents is that our kids are learning from us, from our actions on what we do, if we stopped and talk to people we know, our kids then think that it's a good idea to meet people, old friends, and colleague and just talk to each other. And if we avoid people deliberately, what right do we have to blame them that they are living in a virtual world which is way different than the real world and that they need to go out and join some fancy classes to learn the realities of the real world. It's all right here in front of us.


This is part of the problem we are facing these days; the kids have to deal with, what we call Mental health. Just like when you eat food you cannot eat one type of food only you have to have a variety of it, like greens, protein, minerals, water, and sometimes some junk too, just like that treat this as part of a healthy meal for your beautiful mind, you need to interact with other people, whether you feel they are greens, protein or maybe junk, it's alright in moderation, and healthy for our minds especially the kids to be sound in mental health.


Hope this small comparison I shared made you think next time you come across someone you know to catch up a bit and not run away!


here are some places you can start getting the resources to help the upcoming generation get better at Mental health


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