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Everyone these days feels like they are socially awkward, this is a fact in everyone's family, whether its immediate family or extended family, there is someone that gives the Wibe of being socially awkward. And thats alright, not everyone will be outgoing, funny, easy to talk to.... we all make the effort to adjust that one family member or close one or someone's collegue to understand them. Why??? the reason I'm asking why is because I was wondering if people still do these things out of goodness in their heart or just because they are doing this since they are stuck with this person and are being polite to them. May be out of the fear of being called upon by other family members or friends for being mean in case they behave rude or upfront with this socially awkward person. Whatever may be the case, this means that in order to be treated well or right by others one has to be socially active, meaning you have to be a part of a certain group or participate in family gatherings so that if someone dislikes you their would still be some who will negate that dislike and might be say nice word for you or about you.

We all need this validation out the Life we all are going through, although sometimes we feel that we are way off than someone else's life but we might be in the same boat of feeling lonely or awkward sometimes. Like we knew a family friend who were supposedly very well off had their immediate families in the same city, both the wife's parents and brother's family were in the same city, as well as husband's parents were in the same city, yet they had the need to have someone to take care of their youngest as the child was still starting kindergarten. Although the extended family pitch in with the responsibility yet the need for independent care taker came in. which made me think, I have no immediate or extended family in my home town and i felt having them close would be help, but no, it all comes down to you and you alone, so who cares if one is socially awkward or very socially prominent in there day to day life, if it's your life you need to handle it yourself and no one else can do anything about it. just few of my thoughts made me think on how I can be more organized and planned and yet take care of myself, where I came across these best sellers for others to get the help they might need.

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